Meaningful Collaborations

Meaningful Collaborations

Finding ways to empower and uplift women has been something I have been passionate about my entire career. The harder their circumstance, the more drawn I am to want to help. I am fully aware of how lucky I was to grow up in a country and family where all my needs were taken care of in the way of love, support, and safety. In a small way, this perhaps is me wanting to pay it forward. 

When I first heard about MadrasFuse and the girls and women they work with (rescued sex trafficked victims), I was immediately struck, and emotional. I can't even imagine what these women and girls have gone through, never mind, finding ways to move past it. It also immediately put my own 'problems' in perspective!

I am inspired by these women! Despite such horrible experiences, they are working hard at learning new skills that ultimately will create independence for them. They are building themselves back up.

Rather then more sari bags, I am working with them to create pocket squares made of recycled saris. Safia said to me, ' but mommy those are for men!' Actually they are not just for men and for the life of me, I do not understand why I did not wear them more, especially when still wearing suits in banking! Well, that will change with this latest order. These pocket squares will be made of beautiful recycled saris and I look forward to showing and learning from others, of the many many ways they can be worn. At the same time, I look forward to continuing to  find ways to support Madrasfuse and thinking about the next project!



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