My life is a series of experiments....

My life is a series of experiments....

Ever feel like access to knowledge has put us back to 'guessing' what's best? In every industry, it seems you can find advice on 'the best' followed by a polar opposite point of view claiming it to be the worst! I experienced this first hand when working in the financial industry ~ stories about products one should never be without, followed by other professionals explaining why such products are not a great investment, and better ways to achieve 'better results.'

No where is this more prevalent than in the diet industry, so much so, I vow never to be on a diet! For EVERY diet out there, there is at least one article explaining why that diet is not good for you! 

Gone are the days, when you felt taken care of by the family doctor, so you could leave such matters up to the experts. I recall our GP back in the day knowing my family and siblings very well. Today, it's become transactional, limited to one issue at a time, despite multiple issues could very well be related to one underlying problem, but it's clear no one has the time for that. My newest GP asked me not so long ago if "I wanted an MRI" for the neck pain I was experiencing....REALLY??? If I knew whether that was necessary, I am not sure I would need a GP.

The beauty industry is just as inflated with these contrarian point of views as I have discovered now in launching my business. A point of view is putting it mildly though, you will get writers of all kinds, from moms, to PHD's flat out declaring with certainty that 'insert ingredient name' is good or bad for you, has SPF protection or not, prevents wrinkles or makes no difference at all, etc...Its lead me to become both sceptical of most of what I read, and in my husbands point of view a bit of a conspiracy theorist these days...where I question what is the underlying sell of this new found advice! 

It's also lead me to think more about my affinity for most of my life towards 'home remedies' and things our ancestors used to do. Here's the thing with most of this conflicting information, the only way to really prove it, is to try it, assuming it's not a health risk. Our ancestors not only tried it, but passed it down for hundreds and thousands of generations! This kind of logic and trial testing, I can get behind! How many 'studies' and articles have we seen where millions of dollars later, it turns out our ancestors were  correct about one thing or another!

When COVID hit, while I never tested positive, I am sure it got me at some point. But I treated any typical flu like illness the way my grandmother did....chicken noodle soup, orange juice, tea with honey and lemon, and lots of rest. It served me well through the pandemic, and through any and all colds/flu's etc...I have had over my lifetime. 

Back to beauty though, I take comfort in knowing all of the ingredients I use have been used by generations in India and Africa for not hundreds but thousands of years. I trust mother nature more then all the 'experts' on google, and I subscribe to lables I can read without a dictionary and ingredients that come from nature and have not been artificially created.

Whatever I incorporate into this business, I use, as does my family. Sensitive skin is the baseline given we all have it in my family. Natural ingredients and thousands of years of experience, are my go to's when coming up with blends. And if I happen to find zero contradictions on Google, well, that's just icing on the cake......NamaShea!

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