Logo Change

Logo Change

This journey, has been an amazing one! I have never worn so many hats in my entire life! From production, to marketing and everything in between, I have done it! As a new business, not only am I mindful of my spending, but I have come to understand, even if I was to hire a professional, I would need to know enough to direct them. Professionals may bring your vision to life, but you still need to have that vision and be able to articulate it! 

When it came to the initial logo, the name Sheadence already had the Shea in the name that comes from Ghana. I wanted something from the Indian culture in the logo and chose Kokum seeds, as I do like their  look and of course Kokum butter is the second major ingredient. I laid out a few seeds on a white background, snapped a picture on my iPhone, combined it with the name and the 'logo' was created! 

It took multiple experiences like setting up the store, creating instagram posts, setting up product labels and post cards and more to learn that my iPhone picture logo, did not translate well to the different mediums. I could not make it bigger and smaller, and have it retain it's integrity. In addition to that, not many people know what kokum butter and kokum seeds are. 

I then explored new images using the brand colours and settled on the lotus flower. Not only do I love yoga and everything about it, but at it's root, Yoga's originates from India. It's brought physical and mental health to my life and aligns with the underlying wellness and mind/body connection values of Sheadence. This made it a no brainer! 

As I am working through transitioning each channel and all the labeling to the new logo, I appreciate the ease that comes with using this logo and the new fresh clean look.

I don't regret coming up with the new logo months after launching, because my old logo is a visual part of the story illustrating both growth, and practice of the advice I read many times ~ 'Start before you are ready'. 

I love the new logo, and the many learnings that came with it!



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