Lean into discomfort and embrace the genius within.....

Lean into discomfort and embrace the genius within.....

Is there anything out there, more intelligent then the human body?? I don't believe so, but please let me know if you do! If you are on the fence....check out a sonogram! I remember seeing mine at 5 months and looking in awe, at the picture of this tiny human, with a now formed intricate spine, continuing to develop inside me. I recall thinking, this is all happening while I go about my daily business! This is a level of multi-tasking unheard of! (making human on the side, during my day job!). 

My thought is, that level of intelligence, is worth listening to, but it's language is not in speech, which we rely so heavily on, but in symptoms. In my opinion, numbing those symptoms with quick fixes, is like telling the super being that is our body....to shut up! 

To clarify, I am not anti-drug at all! I do see my doctor annually and more often if needed. Took my vaccinations too! 

But, I am also a big believer in the intelligence that is our body and, the intelligence that is mother nature. (second point being obvious given Sheadence ingredients).

When it comes to skin conditions, eczema has been mine all my life, but there are so many additional skin conditions, that can have stress as an underlying cause. Many times, our first reaction, is "what can I take to get rid of this!". When I look at the multitude of medication commercials we are bombarded with daily, given their multiple serious side effects, this in my mind is a last resort. 

What if at the first sign of symptoms, we leaned into the discomfort. By that, I mean, lets not quiet it, rather pay attention to it! When did it start, and what else 'started' in my life around that time? Whether it be a new food, a new stressor a change in climate etc...Could this be your uber intelligent body, trying to tell you something? Could addressing that 'something' possibly be the remedy for these  symptoms? 

Your skin can be an emotional barometer for what is going on in your life! Rather than numb it, why not use it? If it can help you get to the cause of the flare up, and resolve that, rather then numb the symptoms, while the cause still remains active wreaking who knows what other havoc in the body, wouldn't this be worth the effort? 

When I have had flare ups, I do just that. Reflect and address whatever comes up. Of course, if I have tried and am still having issues, I would see a specialist. I am happy to say though, when it comes to my eczema, this has not happened yet, which has allowed me to avoid the steroid creams I used to use in the past. 

You have a level of intelligence within you that can't be duplicated! 

Lean in, embrace it, and leverage it!



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