Launch Day!!!!

Launch Day!!!!

So excited to finally be here!

Launching my own business is something I have been thinking/talking about for years, but letting go of my 'safe' corporate career that spans over two decades, was a security blanket that created a bigger mental hurtle then I realized. Moving towards a career that I was genuinely passionate about, incorporating themes like good health, self care, promoting positivity, promoting/supporting women in some way and incorporating my culture in some way, were all themes of interest, but how that wrapped up into a business was a haunting question mark, that I ruminated on constantly, especially on tough days in my corporate job, when re-occurring clear signs that I was a square peg in a round hole surfaced. 

In August 2019 after my third trip to Ghana is when I started making Sheadence for no other reason then I loved it! Being an entire family of eczema sufferers too, was another motivator. I had been doing this for awhile, and it was my hubby who kept telling me for months, why not do something like this?? (Typically after a grueling day at work). I think between him, the pandemic environment which really had me questioning how I was spending my days and what career I wanted to see myself retiring from in the future, what was obvious to him, finally became obvious to me. 

These last few weeks have lead me to learning new skills I never had before, meeting great people that I can model as I navigate this new world, expansion of my own knowledge as it relates to my culture and these two great ingredients Shea & Kokum, and the birth of Sheadence. I have tapped into my creativity like never before, and get the privilege to use it regularly!

Sheadence will continue to be a platform for new pieces of art for body self care!

I look forward to building relationships with new clients and leveraging their input to help me continue to evolve Sheadence in a way that continues to make people 'feel good' on the inside and out!!

Thank you for your support!




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Love the story behind this Cheryl.. thank you for sharing your Why :) we can be good at doing many things, but I’ve always believed where you are passionate is where you will excel the most !

P.S. give me your favourite pick/a please so I can order some body butter for me and the ladies in my family :)


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